Child Safety and Window Blinds

Make it Safe Campaign

The Make it Safe campaign was established by the BBSA to ensure effective development of standards for internal window blinds and to provide appropriate safety advice to homeowners and those responsible for public and commercial buildings. Child safety and Window Blinds is possibly the highest priority of all

Make it Safe campaign BS EN13120

The BBSA has worked with European standards bodies to ensure the development of new standards for internal window blinds.

SafetyInMind_LogoPublished at the end of February 2014 in the UK these standards will define a safe product under the General Product Safety Regulations and the BBSA fully supports the legal requirements this will place on the entire industry.

In effect this will mean any trader manufacturing, importing, selling or installing window blinds must comply with these standards by law.

All window blind companies must adhere to this new legislation and only fit window blinds in accordance to the new BS EN13120 standards. Blinds 4 You fully supports the make it safe campaign and will only fit window Blinds that conform to these new standards.

Click here for the Child Safety Legislation