Sunwood Collection Warrington Runcorn

Sunwood Blinds

Offering 5 diverse and beautifully crafted collections reflecting the perfection of their native origins, Sunwood brings nature alive inside.

At Blinds 4 You Warrington we have a tremendous range of Sunwood Blinds that can be viewed below. The Sunwood website can be viewed here.

Sunwood Blinds are Eco Friendly

The basswood used in the Sunwood collection is sourced with careful consideration for the natural environment, Blinds 4 You Warrington and Runcorn feel this is essential and ethical.

Sunwood Blinds are Energy Efficiency

Not only are we conscious about where our wood comes from, but we strive to ensure it makes your home as energy efficient and kind to the environment as possible.

Blinds 4 You Warrington and Runcorn can only stress that wood is a natural insulator, keeping the cold out in the winter while the white stained woods will reflect the sun and help keep your interior space cool during the summer.

Room Pictures

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Fabric/Wood Selections

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